Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Every Thursday The Nourishing Gourmet hosts Pennywise Platter. This week I posted a link to my Homemade Coconut Milk recipe. Check out all the other great recipe ideas too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Homemade Coconut Milk

If I can make something from scratch I always prefer at approach to store bought. One because it gives me the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen. Two, because I know exactly what I'm feeding my family. Some of my guidelines for homemade foods are that it has to be fairly easy, quick and inexpensive. I'm working mom and as important as nutrition is so is my time!
After some quick research, I was super excited when I found how simple it is to make coconut milk. I've written alot about the benefits of coconut and the medium chain fatty acids. Coconut milk is the closest to human milk in its PH level, fat and nutrient content. It is also the next highest natural source of lauric acid (contains antiviral, antibacterial, anti- carcinogenic and anti pathogenic properties). In my opinion, this sounds like an ideal choice when we compare it to our other options- soy, rice, almond, hemp, oat, goat and cow's milk. Some of the other alternatives do offer their own set of health benefits, but I'm always looking for optimal!

Ok, so back to how easy it is to make! You only need two ingredients and few kitchen utensils- blender, strainer or cheesecloth and storage container.

1c Dried Coconut (organic, unsweetened)
4c Water

Combine in blender and "puree" on med-high for 60-90 seconds (or if you have a Blendtec use the whole juice setting). Strain or squeeze into your storage container. Voila! It's that easy. I would note that if you use a strainer instead of cheesecloth be sure to press the pulp to remove all the liquid. My family likes it as is. It offers a lightly sweet taste of its own, but you can add honey or stevia if you like it sweeter. Other variations might be to add a little vanilla extract or even a little raw cacao to the blender for a nutritious chocolate milk!  Let me know what creations you come up with!