Monday, March 14, 2011

*Blueberry Pecan Mini Muffins*

I am very excited to have this new little snack for my family. My oldest son has been on a predominantly gluten-free diet for almost a year, and while the rest of us have limited our gluten intake we hadn't completely cut it out. A few months ago we decided that our youngest son would also benefit from a gluten-free diet. Then about two weeks ago out of the blue my sweet husband said to me that he was going to give it a try. At first I was in shock, and then I was excited. He already eats healthfully, but loves breads/carby foods. His decision was two-fold; partly to be an example for the kiddos and partly to see if it would alleviate his chronic sinuses issues. We all know that children learn by example. How could we expect our children to want to make healthy choices (and gluten-free choices) if mom and dad weren't doing it too? For me, I'd like to say that I can take it or leave it as we've found many great gluten-free alternatives over the last 10 months, but sometimes it's a challenge. Wait... a challenge? I LOVE a good challenge! Those are the times I learn the most about myself and feel I grow as whole person. My challenge has many facets, the two most obvious being my own internal struggles and supporting my family through this dietary change. 

I always approach a new GF (gluten-free) recipe with a bit of hesitation as many are dry, boring or require way too much sweetener. Although, I have taken a liking to Coconut flour especially after my experiment with the Coconut Cake. The flavor is mild so you can really make into anything you like without having a strong coconuty taste. I made two batches of this recipe the first day we tried it (the first batch disappeared rather quickly!). This recipe has been given the seal of approval by my guys (all 3 of them), myself, and 3 of my fearless co-workers who don't mind letting me test my new experiments on them. You all are the best! 

This base for the recipe is simple. The blueberries and pecans can be substituted or omitted. 

3 Eggs (preferably Organic or Pastured) 
2-3TBS Raw Organic Honey
3TBS Butter or Coconut Oil
1-2tsp Cinnamon
1tsp Almond Extract
1/2tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4tsp Baking Powder (GF/Aluminum Free)

1/3c Blueberries (Fresh or Frozen- I used frozen with no issues)
1/8c Pecans

Combine ingredients until smooth batter forms. Place in lightly greased (coconut oil is a choice for this) mini muffin tin. Bake at 400F for approx 13 minutes. 

Makes 18 high fiber nutrient dense yummy muffins

I think a double batch of these may become a weekly standard in our house! IN-JOY! 

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