Thursday, February 3, 2011


So, finally, here I am! After the name for my blog came to me rather quickly and only taking few days of playing graphic designer to create my banner I've been "sitting" on this blog for several months. *Note: I'm a bit of a perfectionist ;)* My intention was to create a place where I can share with parents all my learning and experiences with wellness- total health and well-being, body, mind and spirit for the whole family. This surge of creativity and inspiration had me in whirlwind, and then it happend. Block. What?! My enthusiasm never really dwindled I just suddenly felt stuck. You know, like a clogged drain where so much is trying to come out it just gets "stuck." But I knew if I unplugged it too fast the contents of my mind would spew in an ever confusion gush and I would be at a loss for my balance and harmony. Sounds dramatic right? LOL Truthfully as I write this now I realize it was fear that caused my "block." Fear of not being as good as the rest of  writers I follow in blog-o-sphere. Fear of being the newbie. Fear that no one would read or like what I have to share. One of my favorite movitating phrases is "If I wasn't afraid of _____, I would_____", and here I was letting fear hold me back. One of the biggest challenges in life is overcoming our fears no matter how big or small. If I expect my children to grow into confident teenagers and then adults I first have to be that example. I have something to offer the world and that's why I am here!

I am primarily self-taught, although I have taken a few classes, on the matters of food, nutrition, herbalism, and early childhood education. When I first became obessed with these subjects I thought I needed to go back to school. Which I tried. Who was I kidding? Honestly, where was I to find the time and concentration capabilities when my family of 4 already has a crazy schedule?! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE learning new things, but it just didn't work with my life at the time. I have also come to realize I don't need fancy credentials to share my knowledge, which is based on the hundreds of books I've scoured, teleseminars I've listened to, my intuition and my experimentation. Isn't there a saying that experience is our best teacher? I encourage everyone one I know to be self-motivated and self-educated. Someone can teach you everything they know, but you have to be the one who learns and integrates that knowledge. So as the guy from Reading Rainbow would say: "Of course, you don't have to take my word for it..." My goal is for the information and thoughts I share to be motivating and provoking.

My life, like everyone else's, has been complex and unique. My experiences and choices have shapped the person I am today. That person is ever evolving. I will never stop learning. I will never stop growing. My kiddos remind me of this everyday. They also keep me flexible- mentally and physically ;) No one told me 6 years ago that I'd become a human jungle gym! Good thing my husband is tall and strong... he serves this purpose better than I do!

I hope you enjoy what you see on this blog, and join me in this journey called life.

To Health and Happiness!

*As of April 2011, I am back in school! Attending the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts for their Mind-Body Wellness/ Transformational Psychology program specializing in Nutrition.

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