Sunday, February 6, 2011

*Weekend of Cravings!*

Okay, so actually I've been wanting sweets all week. As much as I avoid standard desserts (ie. non-organic, sugar laden, etc) I gave into a cookie at our SuperBowl potluck on Friday. EW! YUK! What was I thinking?! I would never let my kids near those things so why would I even consider it?! One bite and it went in the trash. Ok, time to get control over the "emotional" eating. I will say I'm glad I have come far enough in my nutritional journey that my body, my tastes buds, immediately reject anything that is not nourishing.

I decided I HAD to make some fabulous nourishing guilt-free treats this weekend. I started with a Coconut Cake with Coconut- Honey Frosting! Delish! My inspiration came from this recipe over at Nourished Kitchen. Although I opted for a single layer cake and cut the recipe in half. I even added some shredded coconut on top for decoration. After about an hour in the kitchen I had created a wonderfully yummy treat that was completely gluten-free, sugar-free, and guilt-free!

My boys (all 3 of them) really enjoyed this special treat. I don't bake much and we rarely have dessert; unless of course it is raw ice cream! But this was a treat I didn't feel bad serving them. I knew they wouldn't be bouncing of the walls in five minutes. They even had a tiny bit with breakfast! Kids need fat in their diet. Good nourishing fats, and this treat has just that!

This recipe is high in fiber thanks to the coconut flour, protein rich and just sweet enough. The frosting is higher in fat due to the coconut butter, but it is "good" fat. You know those medium chain fatty acids that are hard to find in other "fatty" foods? ;)

Today I'm off to make some raw vegan brownies. This last year I made raw vegan chocolate cupcakes with coconut frosting for both boy's birthdays and they were a hit. The recipe I'm trying today will be a little different and has a chocolate frosting, but still looks totally delectable! 

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